1. Punctuality – your cleaning crew will arrive at the location to be serviced within the agreed upon time frame.

  2. Integrity - you will be provided honest quotes, feedback, a trustworthy team, and a supervisor that will always be present to ensure the highest level of service is provided – making certain your property and privacy is protected.

  3. Professionalism – our company is new and fresh, however it is our aim to address all concerns in an appropriate manner and conduct ourselves with the utmost respect.

  4. Excellence – we are committed to bringing satisfaction that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

  • We use eco-friendly products, or we can use your personal supplies of your choice. We prefer to refrain from use of harsh chemicals as it is harmful to you, your family, pets, the environment, and ourselves, however when necessary we will use stronger solutions if permitted. 

  • Vacuum and broom, available upon request.


Not too many details here. Our goal is to keep our prices simple and reasonable. 

Rate - $35 per service hour. (residential and commercial)


Methods of payment: Cash / Check / Zelle  

Pay Schedule: Upon completion of service - daily   or  Weekly / Biweekly / Monthly - in advance

Deposit: To receive your deposit back, you must cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of service

Reminder: the more items left out needing to be put away including dishes, laundry, toys, etc. the more time it will take your service provider to get to the actual cleaning. While we will gladly tidy up and organize your space, please understand that it will require more service time. 

SPECIAL OR MISCELLANEOUS PROJECTS: We work by the hour, so miscellaneous projects are welcomed. Simply email or text with your special requests so we can budget them in to our regular work routine. If we have to trade off – skip a room of your home/office in order to accommodate the special project, let us know which room(s)/task we’ll hold off on for another session.

WORK HOURS: Our normal hours of service are Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm (Residential) / negotiable (Commercial). We do recommend a consistent routine – consistency = convenience.

ALARM SYSTEMS & KEYS: Gotta run? It is not necessary for you to be present during our scheduled service. That being said, if you have an alarm, make sure we have the key code so we can disarm the alarm upon arrival, and set it again when we leave or please inform us of where we can find your house key.

RESCHEDULING: Life happens! At one point or another -- for whatever reason, one of us, you or our team is going to need to reschedule our session… of course, we try our best not to. Communication is key. Call, text, or email as soon as you know there is a conflict and we’ll do our best to reschedule your cleaning at the next earliest convenience.

SICK POLICY: If anyone in your home or workplace becomes ill (i.e. the flu, a cold, pneumonia, chicken pox etc.) please call and reschedule your cleaning. Although we disinfect, it is possible that we might transport germs to the next location or become sick ourselves. To be fair to all of our customers, we prefer to wait until you are well again. And, of course we will not be sending a sick team member to service your property. J

SATISFACTION: Your satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. If for any reason, at any time you are not 100% completely satisfied, please reach out to us immediately at 310.809.7444 and we will do everything within our power to resolve your concerns.

PAYMENT: Cash, Checks, and Credit/Debit card is accepted. Paying with a credit/debit card, through Zelle is secure (and preferred) and leaves an electronic accounting trail for your records.


*For reviews, tips, before and afters, and more, please view our Instagram and/or Facebook pages @cleanercession