Cleanercession has committed to social responsibility by not only using eco-friendly products, but also giving back to our community. 
   Locally and globally, Victory Homes has and continues to make an impact on our communities by taking in hurting men and women from our families and our streets. These individuals come from lives of depression, addiction, gang violence, various forms of abuse, homelessness, and incarceration; which increases moral decay in our society and in our families. The beauty is that people are being transformed, returning to families and our communities as whole individuals, with a sense of dignity, destiny, and belonging. They then become positive contributors as oppose to takers in our society. 
    Being that Victory Homes has radically impacted our lives we could not think of a cause closer to our hearts. With gratefulness, a percentage of all proceeds will go to help our local Victory Home of Long Beach continue their mission to help individuals in and around the Harbor/South Bay Areas.