Whether coming or going... you're starting fresh! Congratulations! There are a whole lot of tasks involved with moving, and cleaning is the last thing you want to be involved with. Perhaps you're selling and need some organization and staging done - we can help declutter and stage your home in a way that is sure to attract potential buyers! Or, maybe you are renting, and want to leave your old place in tip top condition to get the most, or all of your return on deposit; not to mention, secure a good reference - let us help you! 

If you've already left your old place, but are looking to have a freshly cleaned new place, we can help with that too! Often times there is dust and debris left from refurbishing, or lack thereof. Allow us to help you start off with a fresh and clean slate! 



We have a minimum of three service hours, which equates to 105 dollars. This allows you two cleaners for 1.5 hours. We prefer working in teams for several reasons. We help keep each other accountable and remain motivated, which helps us to work at a quicker more steady pace, covering more space in less time. 


A move in/out clean or an initial clean can be likened to a deep clean - they are both more timely than a routine service. Whether large or small a move in/out clean is more detailed, because your covering every inch of the space - often times including interior cabinets, closets, stoves, and refrigerators. All those things take more time as for example, each piece of the fridge is removed to clean it properly.


Another factor is the attention to detail. Great looking baseboards are a good indicator you have an awesome housecleaner, so while we always make sure to clean baseboards, door frames, doors, crown molding, marks on walls, etc., these things are paid extra attention to for a move in move/out clean unless told otherwise (we like to spend our time where our clients deem most important). Deep, move in/out cleaning typically include blinds, windows,  window sills/tracks, etc., as well. 

A move in/out clean that is worth your money, and increasing the likelihood of getting the most of your deposit back, you want your cleaners to do not just a good job, but a great job. The goal is to get it looking as close to new as possible, eliminating work for the owner - which in turn means more return on deposit. For owners, realtors, or property managers, you want to increase the chances of your listing being sold, or vacated as soon as possible. Cleanliness helps!


We hope to have provided  some insightful/helpful information. Again, congratulations and all the best on your next chapter!